Dog skin eruptions

Dog skin eruptions, skin issues, and persistent ear problems are the bane of many pet owner's lives!

The constant itching, the painful looking skin, and the trips to the Vet for treatment can often feel a little too much sometimes!

Dealing with dog skin eruptions

There are a number of ways to deal with ongoing skin eruptions, food sensitivities, allergies, or flare up's - each case is assessed on an individual basis by a vet so there is no "One size fits all" approach unfortunately.

Your vet may recommend some of the following during a consultation;

  • Targeted Medical Treatment Trial
  • Specialised Food Diet Trial
  • Medicated Shampoos and/or Conditioners
  • Environmental Changes
  • Specialist Treatment

Diet related dog skin eruptions

Diet is often overlooked as a common cause of dog skin eruptions. The reason is many dog foods contain ingredients known to trigger eruptions. These ingredients may be a specific protein from a meat - chicken and beef are common - a grain such as wheat (or cereal grains), or preservatives.

You may find an excellent first step into addressing diet related skin eruptions is to assess and change diet. We do not evaluate dog foods but the website Pet Food Review in Australia does, and is well worth a look.

If in doubt, contact your vet

Skin conditions in dogs can worsen over time if they remain unaddressed. This is particularly the case with diet related dog skin eruptions as this may be caused by worsening health on the current diet.

Always speak with your vet to assess cause and plan treatment.

"Dog skin eruptions", written by Jenny M.