Endoscopy for dogs

An Endoscope is a valuable piece of equipment for diagnosing illnesses, removing foreign objects, taking biopsy samples and more when it comes to dogs and cats. Without an Endoscope to perform these examinations and procedures, an invasive surgery called an Exploratory Laparotomy is often required.

Endoscopy for dogs machine

Above photo of an Endoscopy for dogs machine

The Endoscope machine also allows us to perform Rhinoscopy (look up the nose) and Endoscopic procedures in the ear. these also help when performing surgeries, cleans or removing foreign objects.

An Endoscopy involves placing a specialised tube into the oesophagus and manouvering it down into the stomach. A Fibreoptic camera captures video and photos of irregularities, and probes can be introduced to take tissue samples, perform intricate surgery and remove objects. The tubing can be manipulated via a hand control, allowing for full views of the stomach.

Other attachments allow a small Fiberoptic Camera to be introduced all the way through the ear canal for cleaning, removal of hair and debris, and diagnosis of problems. Another attachment can be introduced into the nose for surgical procedures, removal of grass seeds and diagnosis of problems.

Any of these procedures require a gas anaesthetic and full monitoring, however the animal is able to go home the same evening of the procedure.

"Endoscopy for dogs", written by Jenny M