Pet dental hygiene tips

Dental hygiene of dogs and cats is a commonly over looked part of their general health. If left untreated it can cause several health issues such as bad breath, loss of teeth and more seriously if bacteria gets in the gums and continues to spread that can lead to heart,kidney and liver troubles. I know that sounds scary but the good news is it is all preventable with some general upkeep.

With so many products being produced there are many ways to keep your pets teeth happy and healthy but we know that can be over whelming. As questions such as "will they like it?", "whats better for my pet?", start rolling through your mind remember no one knows your pet like you do. Over time you've become aware of their likes and dislikes and all that comes into play when picking the right product.

Its not an easy job and we know that, that's why it's always best to start simple and look at your options such as a toothbrush and paste, leave in gel, water or food additive or dental treats. Every dog and cat is different so their treatment options are as well but bare in mind its important for not only your pet to feel comfortable but you as well. As your confidence grows their comfort will too and it will help get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

So lets get down to business...

Brushing your dog or cat's teeth at least 3 times a week is ideal. If there is already evidence of plaque and tartar, brushing daily will be required. Some products, such as Fresh Breath Gel by Tropiclean, requires once a day treatment for 30 days then reducing to 3 times a week, and can be treated with no brushing. 

If getting into your furry friends mouth is not going well try Simply Seaweed. It is a powder added to your pets meal. It will help prevent bacteria from sticking to the teeth enamel which reduces tartar build-up. Existing plaque will loosen and toys or treats your pets chew on will help brush the plaque off.

In conjunction to toothpastes and gels it can be a good idea to also feed dental treats. These treats are designed to break apart differently so they are brushing the teeth more as they chew.

If your pet needs an extra boost for their dental health you will find food by Hill's Science Diet, Royal Canin and Advance that is specific for oral care. 

Some toys any Nylabones are also helpful additions as they 'brush' the dogs teeth as they chew.

If you are concerned about your pets dental health, if there is any redness or swelling it is best to consult your vet.

Now you have got the basic information lets keep our pets smile gleaming white.